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A Happy Nappy Affair: Beauty Assortment for the SunKissed Giveaway

A Happy Nappy Affair: Beauty Assortment for the SunKissed Giveaway: "I am of course a sucker for a lovely website and more so lovely products. I saw this line up on NaturallyCurly when NEA posted a thread on ..."

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I've Been Broken but I'm Not Weak!

So many times in life we get down and discouraged and it seems that we have no where to turn and no one to turn to. They say when it rains it pours and before you know it all the bills are due, your car is in repossession status, your kids find any and every reason to be defiant, and your relationship is going down the drain. We can't forget that J.O.B "Journey of the Broke" that you go to everyday just to listen to your boss tell you that you need to do more while they pay you less. By this time, I know that I have hit some nerves and probably have gotten a few Amen's!

The key is not to focus on the negatives, but focus on the positives. Some people have a problem with finding out the positives in their lives, but in order to get through what is negatively affecting your life you must get to the root. I have a saying,” In order to appreciate the fruit you have to appreciate the root ". Yes, the root is dirty and sometimes if you're lucky your root gets planted with poop, but realizing this is the fertilization process of producing the best fruit. Once you have realized that greater is He who is in you than anything that is in the world, you have made the first step to a positive outlook. We have to begin to speak things into existence that aren't as if they really are.

The enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy and what better way to destroy you in the physical than by starting with your mental. So often when we get down and we allow ourselves to stay down not realizing that we don't have to waddle in our misery. Mentally, we have convinced ourselves that we are weak and we can not be over comers when in reality that's when our natural instincts to defend ourselves should come out. Take a stand, be in control of your life, and fight for your right to live in peace. Pray that if you have to endure trials let them be with no sorrows. What I mean by this is sometimes we have to go through but praying to God that whatever comes our way we endure with a victorious spirit. Wake up daily and say to yourself I am more than a conqueror and I will not fail. Tell yourself that you have overcome all obstacles and you already have the victory!

When it seems that life is coming at you in every direction, literally stop in the middle of whatever is going on and regroup by declaring that you are walking in perfect peace. Sometimes the enemy doesn't have to steal our joy, but we give it to him. Take back your joy, reclaim your victory, and let the enemy know that you have been broken, but you are strong enough to know that you are not defeated. Take control of that very thing that was given to you by God and that is your life. You may have been broken, but you are not weak!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Palmetto Health Named Top 100 Best Places to Work in Healthcare

I believe Palmetto Health made Modern Healthcare magazine’s list of the 100 Best Places to Work in Healthcare is because of its compassion, dignity and excellence. I experienced this not only from being an employee, but also being a patient in need of care. Palmetto Health’s Vision to be remembered by each patient as providing the care and compassion we want for our families and ourselves were demonstrated to me while I was a patient.

Compassion: In the past year I have had at least five in patient stays with Palmetto Health, but one really stands out. I had gone into pre-term labor in June of 2009 and lost a baby. It was a very devastating and emotionally draining time for our family. Well a year later we were back in the hospital due to preterm labor again. There was a wonderful nurse by the name of Peggy who cared for me during my loss in 2009. She had only been my nurse for two days because it was time for her to take days off. I never forgot about Peggy, she cared for me as though I was her daughter. In 2010 I went into preterm labor again, and I was blessed to have Peggy as my nurse. I remembered her, but I wasn’t sure if she remembered me. She not only took care of me, but she also took good care of my husband while we waited to see what was going to happen. When it was time for me to go to labor delivery she started crying and I said to her “I don’t know if you remember me but last year we lost a baby and you were my nurse”. She said, “I know that’s why I’m crying, because I do remember you.” It brought tears to my eyes to know that Peggy who sees many people on a daily basis remembered me. Not only did she help me physically, but also spiritually. It made me feel like she was there in my sadness and now she was sharing my joy.

Dignity: Losing a baby is heart breaking no matter how far along you are. When we lost our baby girl in 2009 I was 19 weeks pregnant. In medical terms if lose a baby before 24 weeks your loss is considered a miscarriage. In mothers terms you have lost a child. I can say that Palmetto Health is very well prepared to bring as much comfort and dignity as possible when dealing with such a loss. The nurses didn’t make me feel like our baby was a statistic. They allowed us time to spend with her, they took pictures, provided us with a hospital certificate and footprints. Every so often I get information in the mail to remind me that Palmetto Health is here for me and my family and to call if a need arises. It’s because of the nurses at Palmetto Health that we were able to acknowledge our daughter and for that I am grateful!

Excellence: At the end of the day everything boils down to excellence. Palmetto Health is not only an excellent employer, but also an excellent provider of care. I am blessed to be able to have the best of both worlds; I’m not only cared for as an employee, but also as a patient. Palmetto Health has proven itself to be a well rounded facility. As an employee I am motivated to give world class customer service which I also received as a patient.

These are the reasons why I feel that Palmetto Health has made the list three years in a row.

Friday, October 1, 2010


Empower365 FAQ’S

What is coaching?
Coaching is an equal, co-creative process between coach and client. Coaches partner with clients in a supportive and creative way to inspire, challenge and support them to improve their performance, achieve goals, and better the quality of their lives. The coach's job is to provide support so the client can identify and bring out skills, resources, and creativity that they already have.

What is the coaching philosophy of Empower365?

The coaching philosophy of Empower365 is that life coaching is a collaborative effort between coach and client. The coach and client, together, co-create each session, always based upon the client’s agenda. The coach and client work together on creating the changes, you, the client want to make. The coach does not have greater authority, knowledge or superiority and does not try to ‘fix’ anyone. It is an equal partnership.

What are the benefits of having a coach?

  • There are many benefits! Here are a few of the benefits that clients have shared.
  • Coaching helps you get from where you are to where you want to be faster and easier.
  • Coaching helps you find your natural courage and determination to face and obstacle that may appear.
  • Coaching helps you break down steps and obstacles into small pieces that are easier to do.
  • Coaching gives you the freedom to express what you really want and why, without being judged.
  • Coaching gives you a safe place to reconnect with what’s most important to you and explore ways to make that a life priority.

Is coaching therapy?

No. Life coaching is not therapy. Typically, therapy focuses on what
happened in the past that created patterns and problems that no longer serve you. It helps people function in day to day life more effectively.
Coaching focuses on the present and what you want for your future. Coaches help you achieve your goals and dreams faster.

The Empower365 coaches are equal partners with you who help you clarify your goals so you can achieve what you want.

Who can be coaching clients?

Coaching is for well-adjusted people who want to partner with a coach to
help them their achieve goals faster or improve an area of their lives. Life
coaches have no training in psychology or mental health concerns. They are not therapists or mental health counselors.

How do you know that your coaching program can help me?

We don’t. But we do know that if you are ready to move ahead in your life and are 100% committed to what you say you want, we can support you, challenge you, and help you move ahead faster toward your goals than if you are working alone. You are the one who makes the decisions about your life. We can support you in taking your next steps, but you are the one who has to take them. You are responsible for your choices, your actions and the outcomes.

What can I accomplish in only six weeks of coaching?

That will depend upon you, and you can accomplish a lot. We suggest that you have one goal to achieve or one area of your life you want to improve for our coaching program. Your coach will help you prioritize what is most important to you and clarify what you want to accomplish during your six weeks of coaching. Ask your coach for help! That’s what they are here for!

What can I expect on a coaching call?

You and your coach will usually cover your action steps from the last call and then move on to your agenda. You will delve into your goals, challenges, and obstacles. You will talk about your successes and what has worked well for you. Together, with your coach, you will clarify your next steps and develop strategies so you can move forward quickly. Your agenda may also include what is important and ‘up’ for you that day.

How often do we meet?
You will meet with your coach by phone once a week or in person. Each coaching session lasts 55 minutes.

How do I prepare for a coaching call?

Your coach will provide you with a Coaching Call Prep Form for you to fill out and return before each coaching session. This helps you organize your thoughts and get focused on what you want to accomplish during the call. It helps you get the most out of your coaching time.

What if I can’t call my coach at our scheduled time?

E-mail your coach as soon as you can to let him or her know of the change. It is up to your coach if they can reschedule you for that week or you have to wait until your next scheduled coaching session. Coaching is a commitment you make to yourself and your coach does expect you to make coaching and the coaching sessions a priority.

Is what we talk about in coaching sessions confidential?

Confidentiality is very important to Empower365. We hold confidentiality to a very high standard. There are a few exceptions to complete confidentiality: If your coach thinks you are in immediate danger of being hurt by someone else or if your coach thinks there is a possibility you may harm yourself or another person, the coach must contact the proper authorities.

What if I want to comment on the coaching?

You can always make comments directly to your coach or to the Director of Training.

If you should ever feel that your needs are not being met or you are not getting what you want out of coaching, please tell your coach so, together, you can discuss your needs and adjust your coaching program to better suit you.

We encourage and appreciate feedback on your coaching through our coaching program.

At the halfway mark and then again at the end of your coaching, we will send you a brief survey about your experience. It will be about what is working for you and what you would like to have different, if anything. This helps us make adjustments in our program that will help both our coaches and our clients.

Who are the Empower365 coaches?

Your Empowerment coach is your success partner. Our coaches are trained through the NLCI coach training program. All of our coaches are either enrolled in, or have graduated from New Life Inc. coach training program. All of our coaches bring coaching and communication skills as well as genuine desire to see their clients succeed to each session.